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Sunday, December 24, 2006

Trying To Lose Weight? Throw Away Your Bathroom Scale!

By Matthew Rhodes

Nearly everyone who tries to lose weight keeps track of their weight using a bathroom scale. Every week (or sometimes daily!) we grow into the habit of checking our weight, being horrified and disheartened every time the numbers that appear are higher than we hoped and expected.

The problem is that traditional bathroom scales are extremely inaccurate. The weigh that is computed by the scale depends on a large number of factors, including the position which you stand on the scale, the amount of clothing you're wearing, how much you bend your legs, if you've recently showered, if you've recently eaten, and so on and so forth.

A general rule of thumb is to realize that scales can be anywhere from 3 to 12 pounds overweight at times. Our bodies fluctuate in weight so quickly based on our recent activity that it is silly to measure our body weight on a daily basis using bathroom scales. However, there is one excellent alternative to using bathroom scales.

Most people aren't necessarily interested in losing weight, just looking more fit. Therefore, keeping track of your weight so closely isn't really a good indicator of whether your weight loss program is successful - you could be gaining muscle, which is heavier than fat, but losing body fat and looking more fit.

So, take a picture of yourself with a digital camera in front of a mirror every week. Make sure you take different angles - while many of us don't like to have our picture taken, keep in mind that this is for a good cause. You'll be able to see exactly where you're losing weight and that will give you motivation to continue your weight loss program.

Remember that with most weight loss programs, you won't see results immediately (probably for the first month or so), so don't get discouraged too quickly. Just keep resisting the fatty foods and exercising and you'll see results soon enough!

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