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Friday, December 29, 2006

How to Trim the Extra Weight

By Isabelle Epstein

It just started

Happy Holidays, Happy New year

I hope you are ready to start right NOW, because it just started. And the first thing that must be crystal clear is that THERE IS NO WAY BACK. It is not another New Year resolution that we are going to forget about in a few weeks.

We cut off all the bridges, we can only go forward. Forget the past, forgive the past. Bless your past for all the goodness and the joy of life it brought into your life. Bless it and now forget it. Forget your past, because we have to learn from scratch. We need new eating and new drinking habits. We need new exercise habits. We need new beliefs. We need a new Mindset and motivation all day long, all year long.

You can start right now enjoying and loving the new YOU. Because today you are like a new born. All the opportunities lie in front of you, everything is possible. Start having faith again, faith in yourself and your abilities to lose the extra weight and to manage your weight permanently.

Do you remember your childhood? Do you remember your dreams as a child? Do you remember how everything seemed possible? Do you remember dreaming what you would become when growing up? Back then you probably believed you could grow up to be what ever you choose to be. You know what, nothing is changed. You can still become what ever you want to be, you will. Just remember you can and you will.

Now is the time to invest in your future. Now in the time to invest your efforts and your thoughts toward the gorgeous healthy fit body you will have in the future. Today and everyday, you will eat a healthy nutrition that will nourish your body; and you will exercise to strengthen and shape your body. Everyday you will keep motivated to regain your health and the body you deserve.

Once your mind is set, you are unstoppable. There is no other possible outcome, you are trimming the extra weight, a little everyday; you are regaining a healthy, fit and slim body.

Happy New Year. Make 2007 the best year ever, the year you regain a healthy and fit body.

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