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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Lose A Dress Size Quickly - Lose 10 Pounds Too Quickly And You May Be Shopping For Plus Sizes Soon

By Adam Tijerina

There are several ways to drop 10 pounds in a week. Imagine starting on Monday and losing a dress size by the following Monday. Imagine how great you'd look and feel. You'd get a lot more looks and second looks as you gracefully walk down the street with your new confidence and slimmer look.

Yes, it is possible. Is it healthy? No, not really. Plus, it will probably all come back and then some. Most people struggle to keep weight off once they've lost it. This has been proven time and time again. If you lose weight too quickly through unorthodox methods you are bound to gain it all back once you get back to your normal eating habits.

If you lose 10 pounds in one week, that is not healthy. That is too much for your body to handle. It probably didn't take you a week to gain 10 pounds so it should stand to reason that you should not try to lose that much in such a short period of time. It won't work. The results will only be temporary.

A more reasonable way to lose weight is to lose it slowly but surely. If you lose 2 pounds a week you'll be on the path to sustained weight loss. As long as you see results, even if it's only 1-2 pounds a week, you will stay motivated and keep going.

And as you get closer and closer to your goal, you will be more excited and satisfied that you did it than if you lost quickly but gained it all back as well.

There are ways you can lose up to 2 dress sizes in a month or two safely and effectively. That's about 20-30 pounds. You have to do it in a way that you don't starve yourself and you get complete nutrition. One method is with meal replacement. You've seen the commercials with Dan Marino saying how he lost 20 or 30 pounds in 6 weeks with a meal replacement program. You also have to add moderate exercise to your daily routine. This must become a lifelong habit.

Imagine a slimmer, smaller, happier you looking good in a new smaller dress size. Dropping just one size will help keep you motivated to reach your ultimate goal. Along the way, you'll pick up the necessary habits to keep the weight off.

About the Author:

Adam Tijerina reviews popular weight loss methods on Lose 10 Pounds, a blog dedicated to losing 10 pounds without diet pills or risky surgery. Discover how to lose 10-20 pounds and keep it off.

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