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Sunday, December 24, 2006

How To Lose The Weight You Can't Lose

By Clint Peaman

The new year is only days away, and millions of people will set goals to lose weight, improve their health, exercise more, join a fitness center and you name it. In fact many people did this at the beginning of this year. I bet you are one of them. What I hope is that you were not part of the 90% that failed. But if you were don’t feel bad you are part of the majority. So why is it most people that set these kinds of goals never get very fare and how can you change this trend.

Well, this short article will shed just enough light on this problem to get you started on a path to success. What you will learn is so cutting edge only a had full of people will know it. If you were a psychologist, neuroscientist, biologist, or just reading the latest research on brain science you would have undoubtedly come across this fascinating and almost hard to believe research data. Now, since there is little chance you are a brain scientist, psychologist or just sitting around reading neuroscience research papers, I will give you the short version that you can take and use right now.

Lets begin with your brain. According to, Dr Daniel Amen, a clinical neuroscientist, psychiatrist, brain imaging expert, and winner of numerous writing and research awards, your brain is involved with everything you do. Understanding this simple little piece of knowledge forms the foundation for changing anything you want to change about yourself, including your health and fitness. If you have a weight issue begin with your brain.

Now, just like your body is made up of cells, your brain is made up of cells also. The cells in your brain are called neurons and what makes them different from most of the other cells in your body is that they communicate with each other. Brain cells send messages back and forth to each other. When brain cells communicate they create what is known as neuro-networks. Basically, a neuro-network is a group of brain cells that represent something you did. This includes everything you do physically and mentally. In fact everything you see, think, believe, touch, and imagine creates a neuro-network. Even your thoughts and memories have an associated neuro-network in your brain.

From brain imaging we now know that your thoughts, imagination and everything else you do have chemical, electrical and biological properties that can be observed and measured. That’s right we can observe and measure your thoughts, memories and imagination. From this ability to observe what goes on in the brain, neuroscientist have discovered that our brain can not tell the difference between what we actually take in though our senses and what we imagine. This will play an important role in you success later.

This is probably one of the most important discoveries for controlling and managing your weight, and for that matter setting and achieving goals. You see, brain scientist also now know that certain types of thoughts affect your actions and body chemistry in different ways. Some types of thoughts have a positive affect and some have a negative affect. This is not new, as an example, the negative affect that stress has on your mind and body has been known for years. What’s new is that through brain imaging we can actually see at the brain cell level the negative or positive affect your thoughts have.

Every thought you have has an associated set of chemicals connected to it. These chemicals are called neurotransmitters and they play a major role in how you feel and the actions or non action you take. Neurotransmitters are also directly involved in whether you feel like or don’t feel like doing something. Neurotransmitters also play a significant role in your bodies ability to regulate weight. When you are under constant stress your brain signals your body to release cortisol. Cortisol signals fat cells to hold on to their fat.

What does all this mean? Well, the neuro-network that makes up your self-image, your beliefs about yourself and the self esteem you hold of yourself operate from your subconscious mind. The neuro-networks that make up your self-image, beliefs and self esteem is essentially your subconscious mental programming. Your subconscious mental programming is about 100 times more powerful than your conscious mind. If you attempt to change anything about yourself without first changing the programming in your subconscious mind, your brain will literally start working against you and make your goal difficult if not impossible to accomplish. And this is the main reason people fail to accomplish their goals, they have simple not changed the programming they already have and that’s the program their brain will work off.

And here is the big secret everyone’s been hiding. When you learn to re-program your beliefs and control your thoughts, imagination and basically your mind, you can take control of your bodies internal mechanism that is in charge of your weight.

Now, if that’s not enough, here is one more little piece of mind bending research from Epigenetic Modification, the science of how the environment influences our genetic make up. According to research conducted by Dr. Bruce H. Lipton Ph.D who conducted pioneering studies at, Stanford University School of Medicine, our biology adapts to our beliefs. His research has shown that our genetic make-up is not curved in stone and can actually be influenced by our belief system.

What it all means. Let me compile everything you have read so far into one sentence. Your weight and or physical condition has more to do with your beliefs and the way you think than exercise and dieting combined. In fact if you have seriously dieted and exercised on a regular basis and still can’t lose the weight, your thoughts and beliefs might be the problem. However, if you combine exercise and dieting with control over your mind power you will put your weight management program on jet fuel. Learning to use your mind the right way is the most important factor in achieving your health and fitness goals.

How does all this work. Remember, you already have an internal image of yourself. This image is what controls your bodies chemistry and your weight. If you are over your maximum weight and you are struggling to drop those pounds and there is no underlying medical explanation, your internal image is keeping you in-line with what your brain is already programmed to believe. In other words you have a neuro-network that says you are overweight and until you change that neuro-network it will always bring you back to what your subconscious mind believes. Every time you look in the mirror you reinforce the image you see, every time you have the thought you are overweight, you strengthen the neuro-network. Every time you attend a weight control program you remind the neuro-network that you are overweight. Now I’m not saying don’t do these things, I’m going to say change the thoughts and the beliefs you have about them. Remember the stronger the neuro-network the more difficult it is to change. But the best part is you can change it. And what follows is a brief overview of the top six ways to make rapid and permanent changes in your life.

The NeuroFactor6 is the world’s first brain science based belief and behavioral modification system that applies neuroscience research to make rapid and permanent positive changes in your life. If you add these six factors to a basic exercise and diet program it becomes almost impossible to not achieve the weight goals you set.

These six neuro factors apply Conscious Neuro Directed Action (CNDA). CNDA is the science of consciously programming your beliefs and creating positive habits at the neuroscience level that help you achieve your goals. When programmed properly you will put your goals on auto-pilot and move towards them without even thinking about it. This process is similar to the same un-conscious neuro directed programming that occurs when smokers get addicted to smoking, or over-eaters get addicted to overeating. It happens without you thinking about it, and the next thing you know you have become addicted to the negative habit. And we all know how hard it is to break those habits.

You can use this same process to consciously program positive beliefs and behaviors related to weight management that also become hard to break habits.

Factor 1. Kill the ANTs. The first thing you must do is Kill the ANTs. (Automatic Negative Thoughts.) These are success killing thoughts that come into your mind without you even giving them a second thought. They are the negative thoughts you have about your weight or physical condition. And remember every thought you have, everything you imagine and everything you believe all have electrical, chemical and biological properties in your brain that have an effect on every cell in your body. Research has shown that negative thoughts create stress and stress over a long period of time will have serious harmful effects on your brains ability to function properly and control your weight. So when you feel the ANTs coming you need to stop them and replace them with positive thoughts. This factor alone will work wonders on your self-esteem, self image and ultimately your weight.

Factor 2. Have a DVI. After you eliminate the ANTs you than create a dream, vision or intention to do something. In other words consciously make the decision to change and turn it into a dream of the future. Create a clear vision of what it will look like, feel like and be like when you achieve the results you want. Really decide you are ready to do something and going to take action now, not tomorrow. This process will turn your brain on to the fact that you intend to do something. This will also initiate the start of a positive neuro-networks and create a chain reaction in you brain. The more intense the dream or vision the more powerful the neuro-network will be. But this is just the beginning.

Factor 3. COPENIZE your DVI. Once you have identified a DVI the next thing you need to do is to COPENIZE it. The term, COPENIZE comes from COPENLOGY which is the science of, Cognitive Optimum Performance Enabling Neuroscience. COPENOLOGY, is essentially the new brain science of peak performance, personal development, team and individual success. When you COPENIZE your DVI you apply neuroscience research to cause it to become a strong and powerful neuro-network that will be able to overcome the obstacle that will later appear to get in the way. COPENIZING at this point is done with visualization, affirmations and other COPENOLOGY techniques.

Your goal for Factor3 is to create a new level of belief and passion for the accomplishment of you DVI. This will turn on your internal monitoring systems and cause it to start reacting in a positive way towards your DVI.

Factor 4. Set and COPENIZE a goal. When you have developed a sufficient amount of passion and desire for your DVI you will then set a goal and COPENIZE it. The purpose behind this step is to strengthen the neuro-network you have already created. If your neuro- network is strong enough you will have created an actual new set of neuro structures in your brain that can be observed and measured. This is how habits are created, and you now have your goals programmed to become a habit.

Factor 5. Develop and COPENIZE a Plan. If you have done everything correct, by the time you get to actually developing a plan you should have a pretty solid neuro-network being developed. During this stage, you simple create a plan that tells you what to do daily, weekly and monthly. This helps strengthen your beliefs at the neuroscience level.

To COPENIZE your plan, start by writing it down and committing it to memory. You should visualize yourself doing what you have scheduled on a daily basis. Schedule the days you are not going to do anything also.

Factor 6. COPENIZE your daily action. When you COPENIZE what you should be doing on a daily basis with visualization and affirmations, your behavior will become automatic. This is very important. Doing this creates a habit of what you need to do and you will not even have to think about doing it, you will just do it just like you do the other things in your life that are habits. You don’t have to think about them because they are part of your subconscious programming.

If you have done everything correctly, your DVI now has its own neuro-network, your goal has its own neuro-network connected to your DVI neuro-network. And you have a neuro-network of your daily plan all connected to each other. If you are trying to lose weight you now have a program in your brain that will run 24 hours a day doing everything it can to bring your weight in line with your new beliefs. You will find it easy and motivational to exercise, sticking to a diet will be easy and you genetic make will start to adapt to your new beliefs.

The simplicity of these six factor should not be taken for granted. Each of them are backed by brain science research and practical experience. They work and will work for you.

Clint Pearman, Ph.D, is the Founder and CEO of NACOPEN Research. A company dedicated and focused on researching, identifying and applying cutting edge neuroscience research to peak performance, personal development, team and individual success. Dr. Clint is the creator of COPENOLOGY©, the science of cognitive optimum performance enabling neuroscience and the creator of the NeuroFactor 6™, the worlds simplest yet most powerful brains science based system for making rapid and permanent positive belief and behavioral changes for achieving your goals. His life strategies coaching practice, http://www.clintpearman.com, has helped over 500 coaching clients find the right strategies for accomplishing their goals since 1989. He is the author of several published articles on the brain science of optimum human performance and he is the author of the soon to be released book “BrainScience Life Solutions, Preparing your brain and mind for optimum performance.”

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