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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Discover How To Lose More Fat And Gain Muscle While Spending Less Time In The Gym

By Jason Oh

Can't seem to find enough time in a day to fit in a 45 minute cardio workout and another 30-45 minute of weight training?

Unfortunately, 'lack of time' is the main reason why people find excuse to 'not want' to lose fat and gain muscle! Actually training to lose fat (and gain muscle) is not easy, and can be boring!

However, the days of long, slow, boring cardio workouts are not necessary to loss fat only. In fact, a university study has found that trainees who used 'High Intensity Interval Training' lost more fat and gained more muscle than those who trained the traditional ways.

What the results shows is that in order to lose fat and gain muscle more efficiently, a combination of high intensity interval training and strength training can skyrocket your metabolism.

The best part about this workout is, it can be done in less time to lose fat and gain muscle! It's a great motivating factor to try to gain the best of worlds to lose fat and gain muscle at the same time!

The reason why a high intensity interval training is successful is:

1) You lose fat by burning more total calories per pound of body weight;
2) High intensity workouts such as weight training and Interval training helps boost growth hormone levels which benefits in gain of muscle;
3) It has a greater metabolic stress on the muscle, and you will continue to burn more calories during the time your body is resting. As the muscle rests, it works harded to recover, grow and replenish the energy that was used during a workout, which helps to lose more fat and gain muscle.

Therefore, a high intensity interval training is more important than just doing steady cardio and isolation weight workouts. It burns more calories in a day, lose fat and gain muscle, all at the same time.

Best of all it gets more results in less time!

So there's no more excuses for the 'lack of time' to lose fat and gain muscle.

Even if you do not have the desire to lose fat or gain muscle, a high intensity interval training is for you.

Another benefit of the program is, it combats boredom as you are working in cycles of high and low intensity work instead of a long period of one activity.

with this program, not only will you lose fat and gain muscle, your cardiovascular endurance, raw speed and explosiveness will improve. A better athlete!

By mixing bursts of high intensity workout with low intensity periods of recovery, you will burn more calories, lose fat and gain muscle with less time in the gym.

And there's no reason to get stressed over how many calories you need to burn during a training session. What's more important is how many calories you can burn during the day.

With a high intensity interval training, you will lose fat, gain muscle and save time! However, remember to get the right nutrition into your body to keep your metabolism up and running.

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Gain Muscle said...

In my opinion, the best thing about high intensity interval training is that it really does help you keep the intensity up in a shorter workout. In my opinion, intensity is one of the key things for any workout program!